Legue of angels II best squad

II. Purple Heroes
1 Star – Brenda, Mikaela, Loki, Maggie, Karen, Lin, Celia,Glacia, Boyle, Edward, Kim
Avoid from using and investing on these heroes because their base stats is very low and they tend to be a great burden that gives rage to enemies. Some of them might still have a bit of use but their stats is a great weakness that can’t be overcomed even if you augment + 7 them or above.

I tested Lin, Maggie, Brenda and Kim to see if they have potential but sadly although that they have good skills, it isn’t enough to be a good use and I am forced to swap them since that I lost most of the time even I have higher BR due to these heroes are really fragile.
Kim – We can give Kim a 1.5 star since he is somehow a great use but since a purple hero can’t have agility higher than orange hero (comparison against a same player almost as good as you) his polymorph will just last 1 turn instead and is not that effective.

Lin – You might think that using Lin is great but trust me I used her and even Augment + 7 her but she really can’t do what I expected (I am from S38 Lin so I gave a try using her but haha I lost my first domination because of her)

2 Stars– Adolf, Augustine, Carl, Natalie
These heroes are helpful for 1 up to 2 weeks which allows you to claim +6 or +7 team augment quest reward and gives you enough time to complete at least 160 shards or + 4 augment an orange hero that will replace them. It is still good to invest on them up to + 7 augment but still a +4 augment good orange hero really outshine any of these heroes.
Adolf – I myself tried Hitler and he really has good skills but his stats are very low. If only he got stats same as Elaine I am sure that Adolf can even outshine an orange but being back at reality he is not as good as Elaine, Freeman and Nicole but still he can stand on his own and better compared to all other remaining purple heroes. If you are going tempest and at least VIP2 that wants some purple heroes during first week then you can consider using Adolf.
3 Stars – Elaine, Freeman, Nicole
these heroes are god send that gives a lot of advantage to the free players on the first week of the server and they are super efficient. It doesn’t mean that I compare them to orange heroes because they are still just as a substitute to orange hero while you are farming for them. What I meant is that the cost that you will spend on them are really worth it since they really cost low compared to orange heroes.

Elaine – is the only purple hero at a higher tier which makes her cost more but she is really worth it especially when she reached augment + 7 and above with “Critical Runes”. You can see how her “Chaos Orb” does critical and deals high damage with stun. The only downside is if her attack is very low which makes her Ultimate just a rage giver to enemies. A lot of Free players will still have elaine even after 1st week since she is still effective and better compared to some Augment +4 orange heroes.
Nicole – although she is not as strong as freeman and Elaine she is really a great help overall especially at abyss and Xwars where healers really shine. At first if you compare her to Natalie you might pick Natalie since that Natalie can also boost an attack but when you use Nicole and Natalie you can see that Nicole outshines Natalie because she is mainly focused as a healer while Natalie is a bit of support which is a huge difference for purple heroes that have low stats. It is better to be 100% healer than 50% healer -50% support.
Freeman – In the early days of a server Freeman can even 1 v 5 a whole squad. If you are a free player and you haven’t got any good orange hero you wanted, you can make Freeman as your main hero for the 1st to 2nd week since he can really capitalize in any advantage you give on him. His Ultimate is really unfair and can heal greatly in every use and Dire Grip is a very strong 2nd skill. 30% damage reduction is really high even that it will cost you a turn. The only downside is he is still a purple hero with low stats but he is really a great advantage in your team for the first week.

Part 2 of 5

III. Orange Heroes

3 Stars – Dolye and Odin
I only gave them 3 stars not because they are the weakest but because they don’t synergize well with their kingdom and only a few people use them. If you really want to use them there are still ways for you to benefit from them because every hero has advantage and disadvantage. Doyle can be used as frontline to have better WB and GB score and Odin could be good at PVP if you need a frontline that can disable an enemy. Sadly most players prefer DPSs over TANKs due to DPS heroes can also do tank’s job while dealing higher damage (example Lucas, Huxley, Lydia). If you wonder why Palmer is not included it is because Palmer has great skills that allows him to be a good pick specially the Ult that reduce 60% of healing (a very unique skill)

Personally I like Doyle and He is also a good pick but I only put him on 3 stars because he doesn’t synergize well with other celestials, He is a stand alone hero which means he doesn’t sync well in the team he just want to stay alive and be the meat shield in the front.
Pros – Higher WB and GB damage + Resurrection + Has Stun
Cons – Doesn’t add up well to overall team performance because he is very defensive which is bad for celestials.

Odin has Very good skills but the problem is his damage. A lot of Midas heroes will outperform Odin.
Athena can act as a better tank than Odin since Athena can last longer and can augment the whole team. If an enemy is very strong specially Huxley, it can kill odin before odin’s passive kicks.
Pros – Disabler + Very Tanky + Damage reductions
Cons – Using him will make you use 3 defense heroes which greatly lowers your team offense
3 Stars – Hela, Penn, Skoll, Palmer, Victoria, Fortuna, Llane, Norris, Pan
Heroes on this category are strong heroes with good skills but still you will need a good synergy and line up for you to use them at their fullest (ex. Using Skoll with Palmer or Hela is a bad idea because one attacks front row and other is back row which doesn’t add up well so if you really want to use Skoll better use him together at least with Lucas or Penn because those two still can do damage on backrow somehow)

Although Hela is really a good DPS with great disable she only shines in PVP and abyss. Hela is a bit fragile and some Orange tempest hero outshines her since she is focused as disabler rathen than pure DPS. If you really want to use Hela then go for the 16/16 Perfect Affinity build. Try to build her as a tank so she can take frontline and gain rage faster then act as a great disabler which will boost your PVP power by a lot
Don’t forget that she needs Agility runes so her stun will work.
Pros – Disabler + Very Strong at PVP + Belongs to Perfect Affinity Team + Member of Hell’s Judgement
Cons – Fragile but must survive a bit longer so she can benefit from her passive

At first you might think Penn is really strong DPS but the truth Penn is better in a tank team rather than DPS team. Penn’s augment, build, and equipment affinity focus more on making him have higher defense. It is not advisable to focus on Penn since his Passive Skill doesn’t work on World Boss, Guild Boss and Guild Dungeon. The 5% HP is very low in PVP but he might be a great use if you have Aisha and Kay backing him up.
Pros – Versatile Ultimate + Damage Stealer + Constant Bonus Damage
Cons – Skills doesn’t synergize as a DPS

At first glance Skoll is like a very strong hero like Llane but why almost no one wants Skoll or Llane in their team? Truth to be spoken they are heroes that are made to stand on their own with their lifesteal and high damage which means that if you use them in your team you should greatly focus on them which might be a bad idea since that skoll needs at least round 5 to be at his fullest where other heroes can already lay waste. If you want to use skoll you need heroes with capability of attacking the back row or by collumn, or global so that you use him to the fullest.
Pros – OP Ultimate Back Row Killer + Lifesteal + 50% Bonus Damage at 5th turn
Cons – needs 5 turns to gain 50% bonus attack – Lower Damage output in GB and WB

Although that palmer’s skill is really powerful at late game I only put him in 3.5 stars because it will really take a lot for your palmer to do what he is really meant to do. Palmer at lvl 70 above is really strong and is a great counter for healing teams (If I am correct he can also reduce all kinds of healing like from lifesteal and regeneration). Although I put him at 3.5 Stars I will still recommend palmer specially for the perfect 16/16 affinity build.
Pros – Very powerful at late game + Best Counter for Healers + Perfect Affinity Member
Cons – Needs a long time before he shines + A tank that must be focused on (you need to give him a lot of resources) so that he can do his thing

Victoria is really a strong hero and also her skills but includes a downside that you must be wary about. Her ultimate is global meaning that if her damage isn’t very high then her ultimate will just be a rage giver to enemies and her passive needs her to kill almost every enemy she can kill so that she could benefit from it. If you got huxley then Victoria wont be able to do her trick. So I just gave her 3.5 stars since that you may need to sacrifice things in order to use her to the fullest.
Pros – Versatile Ultimate + Very Powerful Skills
Cons – Huxley Hater – Must take everything or else she will hate you

Her skills is not as good as other heroes but I still put her at 3.5 stars rather than 3 stars because she can still synergize with other heroes and perform the most offensive power buff for celestial. You might consider using Fortuna + Liz + Theresa and one offensive hero so that you can do the power buff combo that is very strong for World Boss, Guild Boss and Guild Dungeon but remember that in PVP if you failed to kill 2 or more enemies within 2 turns your team will be likely defeated.
Pros – Good DPS + Augments Team Damage
Cons – Skills are not good enough

As like above stated. Llane can deal very high single target damage but his downside is his passive which is defensive. Imagine if Llane got an offensive 3rd skill then Llane will be the god of celestials and will even outdo Alecta. He is still good enough to be at team but his Affinity is really wacked and If you put him on your team probably you will get low total affinity and Llane needs to be focused on. Llane + Huxley is really a good single killer that is very good in PVP. Although just like Skoll you really need to focus greatly on Llane or he will be just be a burden.
Pros – One of the Best Single Target Damager + Lifesteal + High WB and GB damage
Cons – A stand alone guy + Low Affinity + Should be a priority and be carry for the team

He is really powerful when the round goes above round 8 but that is like insanely long and that is why I only give him 3.5 stars and besides he will really need Flora and even Athena to get to that round 8. Overall Norris could have the highest damage output since his ulti goes stronger for up to 60% and with his passive 0.5% damage increase for every health missing capped at 35% when hp is 30% or below.
Pros –  OP Ultimate+ Op 2nd skill + OP 3rd Skill
Cons – Has a lot of requirements to be at his fullest – 7 turns at least for ult to be at full potential – Needs flora and athena to survive

Just like Palmer that has a very insane late game capability but needs to be at level 70 above to see him shine. That’s why Pan is on 3.5 stars. Use Pan with Aurora for better synergy and if you really like to do the Yolo Perfect 16/16 Midas build then go for Norris to and let’s have the weakest early game and the Highest stats for late game.
Pros – Shines at late game + Skills like any other tanks
Cons –  Needs late game Like lvl 75 – Since his skills are not synergized with one another most of the time you wont benefit much from him except if your team build synergize with him (with Aurora and Flora)
Part 3 of 5
4 Stars – Alecta, Pandora, Theresa, Quaker, Thera, Lydia, Marissa
This heroes are recommended because most of the time using them will give an advantage to your team (winning with lower br or performing better)

Overall Alecta is really a very powerful hero that you might want to add in your team she deals the highest single target damage in game causing the best damage for WB and GB and still she really do great in PVP. I only rank her 4 stars because I find her passive even very strong it is not good most of the time specially for abyss, elite and anima path and in PVP too because you will be at disadvantage for every hero that dies in your team
Pros – Highest Single Target Damage + Best for WB and GB + Available at Guild Shop and Events + Very Strong Passive Skill
Cons – Passive Skill is very situational and Risky

Based on my personal experience I prefer Pandora over Alecta and I have proven that overall Pandora is better than Alecta and since that Pandora is the only hero that is immune to all de-buffs she has something that no one else has. The only downside of Pandora vs Alecta is Pandora’s shard is very hard to get. Even if Pandora got left behind she could still act as disabler.
She really needs agi runes or else her stun and chaos wont work
Pros – Good Disables + Very Powerful Ulti + Unique Passive which makes her hard to counter if she got very strong
Cons – Very Hard to Farm Shards + Must act as 1st or 2nd priority or she wont do good in your team

If I will just rely on my opinion I could say that Theresa should be at 4.5 star since that she got the best 3rd skill in this game. Also her skills packs both damage and disable that is really useful in PVP. She augments the whole team as long as she is still alive which I think is very powerful 15 x 5 = 75% bonus damage
Pros – Very Powerful addition in the team + Can Disable multiple enemies + Augment Teams Damage Output
Cons – Lacks damage and acts as a disabler or frontline only

A High Damage Quaker could penta kill all enemies within 2 turns but like as I always said all DPS heroes that are left behind will be just a burden so If you use Quaker then make quaker as your priority and give him a lot of resources.
Pros – Very Powerful DPS that kills enemy fast + Can benefit greatly from Liz + His Skills have Great Synergy
Cons – Fragile DPS but must be at front to gain rage faster – Hard to Farm Shards

Since that thera is like a standard healer I can’t say a lot about her but using her is very advantageous for the team specially in Abyss, Elite and Xwars but some people gave up on Thera since that Celestials are meant to do damage rather than defensive. At late game where you could get Lifestealling relics it could be a good point where you could remove thera and swap for the Mythical Hero.
Pros – The defense and only defense hero you want to use in Celestial Kingodm + Gives 10% DR for first 3 turns which is quite a lot
Cons – Unlike the two other healers she focus on being a pure defense healer (means she acts only as a healer)

you might hate me why I put lydia in 4 stars rather than 5 stars where her fellow huxley and lucas belongs but trust me almost everyone who used lydia feels this. Lydia is not as strong as Huxley and Lucas since Lydia is more on defensive and a Backrow attacker compared to Lucas and Huxley.
Pros – With other heroes that can damage back row Lydia will destroy enemy team from the inside + synergize with Midas Heroes by having both offense and defense on her kit.
Cons – She act as a Disabler rather than pure DPS.

Based on my personal opinion Marissa is a great hero but she is outshined by others because she is very difficult to farm and also her affinities will make your total affinities lower. If you want to use Marissa you should pair her with Athena so that you can further enhance her damage and since her skill damage is very high then with increment on base damage from Athena’s Ult will greatly increase the total damage.
Pros – Highest Single Target Damager in Midas + Very Powerful Ultimate + Synergize with other Midas heroes
Cons – Hard to Farm Shards – 3rd skill is not that powerful
Part 4 of 5
4.5 Stars – Athena, Liz, Kay, Flora, Aisha, Aphrodite

We all know that Athena is really the core of midas since she provides a lot for the team. Having her in the team is a great advantage for defense and also offense (the power to give rage) without her most of the time your team will crumble.
Pros – Best Defensive Capability + Gives Rage + Support Tank + Bonus HP for whole team + Core of Midas

Cons – She only gives shields not heal – She needs someone to carry her (if she got left behind that is like defeat)

Almost every celestial players will go for Liz because of her ultimate. She is really strong but she needs an ally that is stronger than her (like huxley) so that the rage she gives will be a lot of use. Using Agi runes on her will help a lot. Try to build her defensively although that her ult gives more ATK when Liz ATK is higher you should still sacrifice ATK runes and replace it either with END or AGI since that will benefit you more.

Pros – Ultimate Rage Giver + The best Offensive Support + Core of Celestials

Cons – Passive Skill is quite weak

The hero that is mostly focused for PVP (also in abyss). She is really one strong hero that everyone hates as enemy. She is the only hero that augments dodge which is very unfair specially at lvl 70+. Just make sure that She got the highest agility in battle so that she could disable the strongest enemy. Even that is Kay is useless in GB, WB, GD except for being a frontline sacrifice now with Anima Path having a Kay is a great advantage.
Pros – Highest Dodge in Game + Best Disable in Game + Great advantage against strong enemies + Doesn’t need to be focused on
Cons – If enemy is immune to Debuff (like GB,WB and GD) she will be useless – can’t survive on her own

Only flora has the ability to heal in Midas and Flora is the best healer in game. At early days of the server having flora in your team is like saying you will never die. Without a doubt compared to other 3 healers Flora is best when it comes to pure healing and she also adds rage and bonus damage to allies.
Pros – Best Heal + Fastest Heal + Rage giver + Can Increase attack
Cons – loves to make the battle to 20 turns

Aisha is strong because she can steal rage from enemy which is unfair if you asked me. If aisha is left with 1 v 1 on enemy that enemy will never ult. As a personal opinion I think Aisha is the core of Tempest squad because I also tried having a team without Aisha and without her I can’t do a lot of things. The reason for that is Most of tempest heroes are good at standing alone and with that only few heroes can augment another one and that’s why Aisha helps a lot because she greatly increases the teams survival capability while being able to reduce the treat of an enemy by stealing some rage delaying an early ult is really helpful.
Pros – Rage Stealer + Heal Overtime + Damage Reduction + Core of Tempest + can lock enemy in case of 1 v 1
Cons – You sacrifice her during WB and GB

By comments I tried my best to see Aphrodite in action and I saw that she is really a powerful hero. Now I give her 4.5 Stars. She really can kill a lot of enemies with her Ultimate just like quaker but more powerful since she can also stun enemies. Aphrodite is like the hero that they gave all offense they can give so that she can be the pillar of offense in Midas Kingdom.


5 Stars – Lucas, Huxley, Aurora
Lucas and Huxley are probably the most popular and picked by everyone and we can’t say no to that since they really can do better compared to most of heroes and they synergize well with mostly everyone due to they can easily carry the team to victory. For Aurora only a few player have her but those have invested on her are one of the strongest squads in their server because  they saw her true potential.

An Ultimate that deals bonus 100% critical damage, Rage Stealing and Resurrection he is all in one that you really want to have. Unlike huxley that they love to put on back, Lucas will love to take those attacks and be both the highest damager and toughest frontline defense. He is also the best hero for WB and GB since he can resurrect and could make the battle a bit longer.
Pros – Ressurection + High Critical Damage Ultimate + Rage Steal + Best hero you could wish for in GB and WB
Cons – Highly countered by END

Hands up!! huxley is really the strongest offensive hero for PVP. he executes and executes and executes enemies. There are 2 types of huxley the one that you will put in front or the one in back. THe front Huxley will need a bit of defensive runes while the one at back could fully focus on offense, having Critical and Agility runes that will give a great advantage in Crucial PVP fights.
Pros – Best Executioner in Game + High Damage output + Greatly Benefits on Relic’s Lifesteal and BR advantage
Cons – No defensive Capability and lies on team to support the Hux

Pro players knows that aurora is the best midas hero that shines at higher level. Her ulti and 2nd skill is very powerful while her passive is good for late game where pesky Kay will have like 70% dodge rate. I have seen Aurora users that could even win with their BR lower than 1m to their opponents.
Pros – Stronger Ultimate than huxley + Very high damage 2nd skill with powerful debuffing effect + Bonus Hit rate for team which free a rune slot
Cons – Needs Late Game and a lot of resources (above VIP6 players only)
Part 5 out of 5

IV. Team Builds
People’s Choice (Recommended)
Really strong and balanced for offense and defense basically the strongest team build and the easiest to invest on since Shards of Lucas can be gained on Arena, Alecta on Guild Shop, Aisha on Honor Shop and Kay on early events.
Pros – High GB and WB damage + Powerful at PVP + Each Hero is available in different shop and most events
Cons – Too expensive since Alecta and Lucas must be both strong
Coffee Time Build (I made the guide so let me at least name 1 team build)
My build that I am really proud of. This is good for players below VIP7 since it follows a 1 Carry team build which means you don’t have to focus a lot on other heroes except lucas. Pandora acts as secondary dps but her chaos + stun + immune to debuffs makes her a better choice compared to alecta if you are low in budget.
Pros – Decent GB and WB damage + Powerful at PVP + Powerful in Abyss, Elite and Anima Path
Cons – Pandora shard is hard to get – If Lucas dies, 80% you already lost
Hell’s Judgement
You will use 3 heroes that all belongs to Hell’s Judgement. Aisha isn’t a member of Hell’s Judgement but replacing her with any other heroes or even Lucas will greatly diminish the potential of this build since that all other 3 heroes will really need a healer.
Pros – Great Disables + High Affinity Bonus Overall + Can make other heroes tank build  to support 1 DPS
Cons – Pandora and Hela shards are hard to farm – Low GB, GD and WB damage
Perfect Affinity 16/16
Yep just as you read it, it will result in a perfect 16/16 affinity even with just 5 Allies. A great thing to consider since that this build will really kick ass with a lot of disables but the only downside is no Lucas.
Pros – High BR from Affinity Bonus + Disables
Cons – No Lucas – Low GB,GD and WB Damage
School Penn 
Since that Penn and Skoll have some kind of synergy let’s make a team build that will make them shine and to be used at their fullest.
Pros – Backrow Kills + Strong at Long battles + Unique Build
Cons – No Lucas – Low GB,GD and WB Damage
People’s Choice 
The most common Celestial Build you will see because it is the best all around team build in game just like Tempest People’s Choice
Pros – Very Strong at PVP + Powerful on every aspect of Game
Cons – Huxley will be a coward, hiding behind the girls
I must create a team build that emphasize Victoria since she is like one of the most Favorite hero in game. Remember that this team build focuses on a 1 Carry team build which is really strong compared to a regular balance build. You can’t use Huxley in this team because it will make Victoria unable to utilzie her passive.
Pros – Very Strong at PVP + Good on every aspect of Game
Cons – No Huxley – Most of the time you need Victoria to have Higher BR against an enemy or you will lose
Power Puff Girls
A suicide build that purely relies on Offensive Power buff. You can consider adding Quaker as the damage type since I think Quaker can do a lot on that 2 turn buff. You can replace Quaker by Huxley but for this build Quaker will be more reliable.
Pros – Ultra Strong at PVP + High GB, WB and GD damage
Cons – Weak in other aspects because no Healer
One by One 
This build likes to pick on enemies one by one or two by two (if huxley does the killing) I like Llane and everyone can see a great potential on him so I recommend this team build if you want Llane in your team.
Pros – Very Strong at PVP + Higher GB, WB and GD damage compared to Basic Celestial Team
Cons – Llane is harder to farm – 2 Carries and quite expensive
I will not recommend using Doyle even that he can result to a better score in GD, GB and WB since that doyle is not a teamwork type hero. He is a stand alone defensive hero which is not good for Celestials that focus on damage.
People’s Choice (Recommended)
Balanced on both damage and defense this is the most favorite build of Midas players. Although compared to other factions this one focuses more on defense and to shine with this build you really need to make Aphrodite to a god level by giving her almost everything and in that way you will see that Aphro is one of the strongest hero in this game
Pros – Strong Offense and Defense + Backrow Killing
Cons – Lower Damage in GB, GD and WB
Justice League
Based on the Affinity Justice League and for you to use Norris on his fullest. I can’t say a lot because it is not tested yet but I think this team is really defensive and strong when the game goes longer.
Pros – Very Strong Late Game + Very Strong for Long Battles
Cons – Low GB and WB damage
Well this is one very strong build since that Lydia is replaced by someone a lot stronger in late game. Aurora is really strong and can even surpass huxley if just focused on.
Pros – Very Strong Late Game + Better damage on GB,GD and WB compared to Midas Peop
Cons – Low GB and WB damage
Perfect Affinity 16/16
I worked 30 minutes to figured out this build. This build has no Healer + Support which is quite hard for Norris but Aurora and Pan can do the dodging to make the battle longer. I think that this build is the strongest as the game goes on since that everyone got full affinities unlock and most of heroes on this build is really strong at late game. This can also be used to gain Lion as a free user in 7 days event
Pros – Very Strong Late Game + Very Strong for Long Battles + Can get you Lion even as a free player if you are dedicated enough
Cons – Very Weak Early Game – 3 hero shards are hard to farm – No Healer – No Support

Resource http://freetoplaymmorpgs.com/tag/league-of-angels-2-hero-comparison-and-team-tutorial

Warning : I will said it before you read this article that this is not 100% accurate due to most of information are based on author’s experience and discretion. If you wanted to clarify or to change something and you are 100% absolute on that matter then please leave a reply and we will discuss that matter and change that part to accurately guide readers and players.
I. Usage of Purple and Orange Heroes. (For new players in this game) Skip Part 1 if you are already an experienced player
Blue – Common Heroes just for recycle (can be used for week 1 augment 7 team trick or to change squad to give your r1 seat to other guildies)
Purple – Rare Heroes  are mostly used as an early Substitute for Legendary ones until you have enough to make at least r4 of that hero
Orange – Legendary Heroes will be the heroes that you will use for very long time so make up your mind to select 4 orange hero and just focus on them.
Red – Mythical Heroes (Upcoming, 12000 souls for 1 hero, 1 for each Kingdom, DPS Type) credits : Rhoma Echizen the prince of tennis and Drakius for correction)

Why should it is advised for free players or VIP4 and lower to use Purple heroes first? There is an event in the first week that if your whole team squad reach augment +5,+6,+7 you will receive great rewards and that is why it is advisable at first to go for purple heroes and besides it is very hard to augment + 4 an orange hero as a free user.
For VIP 6 or above they don’t need to rely on purple heroes since that they will have a lot of resources and hero shop refreshes to make at least Augment +6 team of orange heroes.

It is crucial that you should think carefully before picking your main 4 heroes and once decided you should not change or swap for another orange hero or else it will lower greatly lower your br and will cost you a lot specially if the heroes are already at r5 above.

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