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Mario Adventures

Return to remember this game the adventures of Super Mario Bros. Travel the world from our friend the plumber from Nintendo in exchange for overcoming all obstacles. Experience a new adventure with our friend Mario collecting coins of each screen and jumping on their old enemies. In this platform game in which Mario must to rescue your friends and eliminate the monsters that King Kopa has left for the kingdom. 
HISTORY: Super Mario Bros. (c) 1986 Nintendo.
Classic and cult horizontal platform game featuring the Nintendo mascot Mario who must save princess Toadstool (Princess Peach in Japan) from Bowser (Koopa in Japan).
Super Mario Bros. is most common in a converted "Donkey Kong" or "Donkey Kong Junior" cabinet (this game was only available as a kit, there were no dedicated cabinets made). Actually, any copy of this game that is not in a converted Donkey Kong series cabinet is incorrect (as the Vs. kit was only designed for those cabinets). Nintendo designed a special small joystick for their Vs. Unisystem games (allowing a 2 player setup on the tiny Donkey Kong control panel). Another difference between this title and most standard games was audio that was processed in the monitor (although this was the same as most other early Nintendo titles). One other notable thing about this title is that either joystick will control either player (most Vs. titles were like this), making it rather pointless to have 2 sticks in the first place. Main CPU : Zetex N2A03 (@ 1.789772 Mhz
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Controls: Move:                Jump: S    Run:  A 

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