Angry Birds

The legendary Angry Birds are coming back on your screen! Now you can enjoy the funny adventures of your favorite characters – the birds and the pigs – without standing up from your computer chair. Launch a bird from a catapult and destroy the Bad Pigs.

History of Angry Birds
First released in 2009 for iOS, the game has already sold over 50 million copies. Across all platforms and editions it has over 2 billion downloads, which makes Angry Birds the highest downloaded freemium game of all time and the #1 paid app of all time. In the game, players try to destroy pigs, stationed on or within various structures, by launching birds using a slingshot. There are several different types of birds in the game, each with different effects and abilities. They become available as the player advances through the levels.

The concept of Angry Birds was built around a sketch of stylized angry looking birds with no visible wings or legs. Six months after its release, the game reached #1 spot in the Apple App Store, where it stayed for months. It was later transported to many other platforms, including Android, PC and video game consoles and even adapted for social platforms in 2012.
The game received many updates and add-ons, multiple special editions. It spawned an incredible amount of other media, products and merchandise, like books, animated series, toys and all sorts of appearances on various products.
The game is praised for addictive gameplay, low price and comical style. It is currently considered one of the most mainstream games of today and doesn't seem to lose its popularity by a bit. In the future plans is a full length feature film and many additional releases to the game.
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Controls:Mouse  Special action:Click 

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