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Chess Classic
Standards and functions of each chess piece Pawn - Pawn contains 8 numbers and pieces The pawn can only move forward and not backwards and can make two jumps to the center and after that you can make only one move at a time. Once you reach the other side of the card can be used to give back the pawn to another piece of a loss than any other pawn. Castle - The castle can move back and forth and can go forward and backward, but can not move diagonally. It is used to make the castle in the case of checking that mated king. This is to save the king be mated verification Knight - The knight is also called as the horse can jump over other units and move forward and backward, left, right, in either direction, but should only be in the form of a Bishop L. - The bishop can also move the front and right rear Kefta gentleman, but every step makes traveling in the form of a diagonal movement of the Queen

- The only military unit that moves the front, back straight, left ... and any number of steps each time. King - King also as the queen can move front, back, left, right, but can only take one step at a time. Whatever the team is successful in eliminating the first king is the winner. Linked resoyrce 

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