King of fighters

King of fighters
King of fighters beat em up classic arcade game. The aim is to beat up your opponent. Please wait for the game to load. 
The never-ending saga of the King of Fighters. Resource Old Games 

A brief history of the arcade game
If you grew up during the late 70’s or the early 80’s then you were lucky enough to experience the full impact of the ‘golden age of arcade games’ and probably have fond have memories of sneaking out to your towns local games center to blow your weekly pocket money on endless attempts at beating the highest Pac-man score or making it to the last level of the Tetris puzzle game.

During this time the immense popularity of arcade games saw a sudden switch from bulky coin operated arcade machines to home gaming consoles, with several big name companies such as Taito, Midway MFG, Sega and Namco all jumping in to develop more diverse game genres for us to enjoy. All the money being poured into this niche industry suddenly sped up the evolution of entertainment technology and within a few years games went from being flat blocky ‘Pong’ and ‘Astroid’ styled games with limited controls, to more complicated concepts with detailed characters, interesting storylines, faster game-play and much better graphic resolution. 

Controls: Move: A   W    S    D    Atack:   J , K , I , U 

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