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Thinking about blog Legendary and all the arcade games we used to play in the 90' brings good vibes and nice memories. Some people still enjoy filling their free time with some good old classics from Capcom or Neo-Geo.

50 Best Legendary Games

With a list of more than 1000 games available on this blog it is hard to decide what you want to play especially if your time is short and you want to play only the best games without testing too much. Here is a lengthy list of the best 50 games of this blog for you to choose from.

50. Dragon Breed

Dragon Breed is a game from the shoot 'em up genre. The story of the game is based on the legend about King Kayus who becomes the king of his kingdom when he is only 15 years old. Thinking that he is too young to manage the kingdom the leaders of the darkness attack his people with an aim to take over the whole kingdom. With the help of Dragon of Light called Bahamoot, King Kayus mission is to stop the King of Darkness , Zambaquous from seizing his kingdom and his people. When it comes to gameplay your job is to help Kayus repel all the deadly darkness enemies using his crossbow, Bahamoot's invincible body or his fire attacks. On your way there are orbs and elixirs that upgrade both your crossbow and power up Bahamoot's body and attacks. There are four different types of orbs, so pick and use them wisely. There is also a dragon special attack by holding the attack button.

Download Dragon Breed ROM

49. Legend of Hero Tonma

Tonma is a brave hero who fell in love with the princess. Shortly after finding out she was captured by deadly creatures he goes on a quest to rescue the princess. On his way there are rats, zombies, dragons, mummies and other evil creatures trying to stop him. Tonma guided by the power of the fireballs is dedicated to defeat the enemies and save the princess and your job is to assist him in achieving his mission. Defeat the enemies and bosses by shooting them with fireballs or stunning them by simply jumping onto their heads. Remember to pick up coins or cash bags as well as orb power-ups that improve your fireball attacks. Make sure to pick up the keys in order to open the door and progress to the next section of the level.
Download Legend of Hero Tonm ROM

48. Ghost 'n Goblins

The holy knight Sir Arthur, lost his loved Princess Prin Prin that was kidnapped by the king of the demonic world also known as Satan. Sir Arthur must go through variety of levels, defeating evil enemies like zombies, ogres, demons and dragons that were sent by the Satan in order to stop him in his mission. Guided by the sharpness of his spears and the impenetrable steel on his armor knight Arthur is dedicated to defeat all his enemies and bring princess Prin Prin back in the kingdom and your job is to help him on his way by shooting the enemies with the spears and picking up gold bags for extra points and bigger score.

Download Ghost 'n Goblins ROM  - Play ONLINE

47. Aliens

..57 years later in an abandoned space on LV426 Acheron Ellen, Ripley and Corporal Hicks are on a mission to save the world from alien invasion. As part of the special forces they are both trained to use weapons and bombs and fight against the intruders. Don't let the animals touch you because you will lose one vitality bar and once you lose all of them you became part of the aliens too. Use the weapon drops to upgrade your attacks and make your goal easier and save the world from the alien apocalypse. After each level there is a boss you need to defeat.

Download Aliens ROM

46. Gang Wars

In the city of New York there is a huge gang that is vandalizing the city and putting people into fear. Led by Jaguar the head of the gangsters the gang is growing to the level that it can no longer be controlled by the goverment and police. The boiling point happens when they kidnap the young women Cynthia. Devastated by the event Jackie and Mike decide that they have to put an end to the gang and bring the city into peace once again. Guided by their strong hand and powerful kicks they decide to go against versus the whole gang. Your mission is to help them kill everyone that was sent to defeat them with the use of punches, kicks or other items like hammer and bar. Collect more points to be able to upgrade your character physics and make the whole battle look easier. Defeat Jaguar and save Cynthia.

Download Gang Wars ROM

45. Ninja Spirit

Tsukikage is a young ninja that lost his loved father by a deadly half-man, half-beast creature. He goes on a 7 level mission to revenge his father and finally kill the creature. On his way there are different kind of enemies and bosses trying to stop him. With the use of katana, shurikens, bombs and kusarigama he is dedicated to defeat all the enemies that appear on his way and slain the beast.

Download Ninja Spirit ROM

44. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in Time

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in Time is a sequel to the original NES TMNT game but widely improved and more fun and interesting. The game is available in 2-player and 4-player modes with you being able to pick which one of the four TMNT you want to use. They all use unique weapons and have their own type of attacks they perform. The plot is being based around the Shredder who is the enemy of the ninja turtles. He steals the State of Liberty and they go on a mission to return it and defeat Shredder.

Download TMNT - Turtles in Time ROM

43. Gals Panic

Gals Panic is classic puzzle game where the user needs to uncover at least 80% of the screen by taking small portions without being caught by the spider. On the map there are different kind of bugs, blocks and other obstacles that make your mission harder, but also there are items that can help you out, like extra time or speed up. Once you reveal 80% of the screen the silhouette is revealed and you progress to the next level.

Download Gals Panic ROM

42. Tetris

Tetris is well-known arcade classic that achieved enormous popularity in the starting era of the gaming consoles. It is still being remade for modern day gaming consoles and still interesting to play. The goal of the game is to match all the falling blocks by moving and rotating them, so that you can create a straight line of 10 blocks without any gaps. Once that happens the filled 10-block lines disappear and all other fall down.

Download Tetris ROM - Play Online

41. Dig-Dug

Dig-Dug is another on the list of arcade classics, categorized as maze arcade game. It happens in the underground where the character you control needs to eliminate the bugs by either dropping a stone/rock onto them or pumping them up with his machine until they explode. Be careful not to touch the monsters because they will take your life. Also, be careful not to get caught by their flame or get rock dropped on your head.

Download Dig-Dug ROM  - Play Online

40. Hammerin' Harry

The company Rusty Nailers INC. has taken over the whole city with buildings that they not use, only to make more money. They also plan to do another evil move by planning to destroy Harry's house and replacing it with their own building. Obviously our hammering hero called Harry isn't very happy with what they are about to do so he goes on a protest mission against the Rusty Nailers company, all their workers and mostly their chairman. With the use of his wooden hammer he destroys constructions demolish buildings and fight workers.

Download Hammerin' Harry ROM

39. Shinobi

Shinobi also known as Joe Musashi is a ninja master who has and trains his own ninja clan. It is all good, until some of the children he trains are kidnapped by a criminal organization called "Zeed" and it's his job to rescue them. Until he reaches the organization headquarters there are 4 other missions in which he needs to fight the members of the organization as well as their managers at the end of each round. On the fifth mission he will get into the organization insides and have to defeat the operation of Zeed at the end of it. To help Joe you need to fight the cruel members of the organization with his bare hands and the shurikens as well as the katana and gun when power-ups are picked up. There is also a ninjutsu technique attack that can be used once per round. Defeat the clan, rescue the hostages and collect as much points as possible.

Download Shinobi ROM - Play Online

38. Blood Bros.

In Blood Bros. two brothers team up to fight against the best, fastest and most wanted outlaw in the Dodge City called Big Bad John. John has the biggest price on his head, but the fact that one of the brothers is Indian while the other is cowboy is really strange. With their guns and dynamite the brothers aim to win against all the other outlaw cowboys and finally kill Big Bad John. Their revolvers are so powerful that they can even destroy whole buildings and caravans. Collect power ups to upgrade your revolver, increase dynamite and make the whole game easier.

Download Blood Bros. ROM - Play Online

37. Popeye

Olive was kidnapped by Brutus the muscular guy that is trying to interfere in the love of Popeye and Olive. He kidnaps Olive and your job is to help Popeye reach out to her and save her. Olive is tied up on top of the building and is asking for help by screaming and sending musical notes but also hearts and word letters. Popeye job is to collect the required amount of these three in each of the mission and reach on the top to save her. Brutus is trying to stop Popeye and throw him into the water. As you already know spinach empowers Popeye and when he eats it he becomes invincible and stronger than Brutus. Help Popeye return to her loved one by defeating Brutus and punching bottles and other obstacles. Play Online Here

Download Popeye ROM

36. Superman

Superman is another superhero title from the Beat Them Up genre, trying to save the world from the evil power of the Emperor Zaas and bring peace to the earth. The game counts five levels based on couple of cities in USA in which Superman needs to fight evil people and creatures, with a boss who has superpowers at the end of each round. Collect the crystals to upgrade your powers and make the whole gameplay easier.

Download Superman ROM

35. Mega Twins

In the land of Alurea it has been cute and peaceful for over thousand years. Their citizens lived good and never thought of fighting or hurting anyone. Unfortunately, a strange monster attacks and destroys everything on its path. Not knowing how to reflect to this all citizens lose their lives except the two survivors Mega Twins or also known as Chiki Chiki Boys in Japan. They train to re-take control over their land and revive the land of Alurea. Their mission is to search for the Dragon Blue Eyes, which promose to put the land of Alurea in her first peaceful state.

Download Mega Twins ROM

34. Rampage

Rampage was very popular MAME game that can be played by three players simultaneously. The characters in Rampage are George, Lizzie and Ralph, giant monsters that can destroy buildings and houses. The goal of the game is to destroy all the building and kill as much enemies as possible that are trying to hunt you down. Avoid police and army bullets to save your health/energy bar.

Download Rampage ROM

33. X-Men VS. Street Fighter

X-Men VS. Street Fighter as the name says features a mixture of characters between Street Fighter and X-Men. It is the first fighting and dueling game on our best MAME games reviews. It can be played in single player mode against the computer or 2-player mode as player versus player. Each player selects 2 characters from the list and can change them in any point during the match. The first one to take the vitality of both selected opponent characters wins the match.
Download X-Men VS. Street Fighter ROM

32. RoboCop

RoboCop is combination of Run And Gun and Shoot 'Em Up video game based on the famous movie identically named movie. RoboCop is a special force robot policeman trying to reduce the criminal and catch the bad gangsters.

Download RoboCop ROM

31. Burning Fight

Burning Fight is another title on our list from the beat them up genre. The game features 3 characters which can be picked called Ryu, Billy and Duke and each one has his own advantages and weaknesses as well as types of attacks. The act happens in the city of Osaka where the player needs to defeat the main antagonist member called Castella who is leading the Heiwa-Gumi gang. On the grand there are various attack items that can be found which deal increased damage than the basic player attacks.

Play Online Here

Download Burning Fight ROM

30. Neo Drift Out

The first sports game on the list of best MAME games and also the best MAME game from the driving genre. The player can pick between 3 driving vehicles including Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza and Toyota Celica. They all have different performances when it comes to engine power and drifting control. The aim of the game is to collect the maximum amount of drifting points while avoiding obstacles and other cars in the race. Play Online

29. Dungeon and Dragons - Tower of Doom

Dungeon and Dragons - Tower of Doom is by many considered as the best fighting game from the beat 'em up genre. It is the first game that enables player to choose which way he wants to go and what path to take. It features 4 character types: dwarf, cleric, fighter and elf. It supports more attacks and moves than the other average beat 'em up games as well. Weapons like bows and hammers can be picked up from ground and used as fighting equipment. The event happens in the Republic of Darokin where all the monsters are mind taken by the even Archlich Deimos who aims to take over the world. The mission of the 4 heroic players is to defeat the enemies sent by Archlich and destroying him at the Tower of Doom.

Download Dungeon and Dragons - Tower of Doom ROM - Play Online 

28. Black Tiger

Black Tiger features a barbarian hero with a weapon and shield that goes on an exciting mission in the cave. On his way there are different kind of enemies he needs to defeat by using his axe and daggers. The game gets exciting when it comes to weapon and armory upgrades located in the special shop. To be able to shop player needs to collect coins and find the wise man that brings him to the store. In the shop there are all kind of upgrades you can get, including anti-poison potions, stamina bars and armor upgrades. There is also a Japanese version of the game, with more obstacles and excitement and generally speaking a bigger challenge.

Download Black Tiger ROM - Play Online

27. Mortal Kombat 3

This is the third sequel of the wide-known fighting and dueling game called Mortal Kombat. The biggest advantage of MK 3 from the other fighting and dueling games is their realistic gameplay that supports no super powers or special attacks. This version keeps the bloody style with an addition of combos and special finishing animations.

Download Mortal Kombat 3 ROM - Play Online Kombat1 

26. Out Run

Out Run is also known as the first 3D driving game. The gameplay acts more or less like a Ferrari simulation engine where the player needs to reach out to the checkpoints before he runs out of time. This game was super popular because it used arcade system that support steering wheel as well as gas pedal which makes the whole experience as next level driving simulation.

Download Out Run ROM - Play Online

25. Mario Bros.

Mario Bros. is another Mario and Luigi game with the main act happening deep into the underground sewage. This is a game from the platform genre where the Mario Brother plumbers need to defeat all the creatures that come from the sewers by kicking them from below and then pushing them into the water. To get the biggest possible score you need to slain as more possible creatures in one shot. Play Online

24. Hook

Hook is a game based on the famous Peter Pan story, in which the main character needs to save the kids that were kidnapped by the evil villain Captain Hook. The main act happens in the land of Neverland in which the main player can choose to play with either Peter Pan or one of the lost kids. Through the six stage of the game, Peter Pan has to fight against various of enemies and creatures and defeat Hook in the last and final battle.

Download Hook ROM - Play Online

23. Super Street Fighter II Turbo

This is the sequel of the first Super Street Fighter game that presents a new fighting mechanism, more characters to choose from and additional combos and attacks. Twenty years after the initial release, Street Fighter is still played and re-released which says much about the game, so I will just cut it here and let you download and try the game yourself.

Download Super Street Fighter II Turbo ROM - play Online

22. Pang

In Pang, there are huge bouncing balloons or balls that are treating to destroy some of the biggest metropolis in the world. This is where the Buster Brothers appear with an aim to destroy the bouncing balloons and save the world from a balloon apocalypse. Featuring 50 stages, variety of different attacks and loads of bonus items Pang makes it into the top 30 MAME games on our list.

Download Pang ROM - pleay Online

21. Captain Commando

The main plot of the game rotates about the futuristic hero Captain Commando and his 3 fellows who make a promise to protect the galaxy from the robotic gang. This sci-fi game brings us to 2026 in the Metro City where the Commando Team starts the Earth protection mission. The game can be played by up to 4 players simultaneously with each player being able to select between 4 different characters: Captain Commando(the leader), Mack The Knife, Ginzu The Ninja and Baby Head. All characters are able to go in and out of their robotic forms. Play Online

Download Captain Commando ROM

20. Rastan

In the land of Barbaria there is an evil Dragon that is killing people and terrorizing the city. Rastan as the most powerful soldier in his homeland is chosen and sent on a mission to slain the fire dragon. Rastan has to fight through 6 rounds with each including a final stage boss until he reaches to the Dragon, the final enemy. In all 6 rounds there are hordes trying to stop Rastan the barbarian. Your goal is to help him out reach and destroy the Dragon and save his land from the evilness.

Download Rastan ROM

19. The Last Blade

The Last Blade or also known in Japan as Bakumatsu Roman is a game from the fighting/dueling genre with the main act happening during the Bakumatsu era. Based on the samurai history this game implements an addition and makes a mix of samurai fighting game with the scent of the four mythological elements. With 12 characters to choose from, two modes and variety of attacks and maneuvers to choose from, this game made it in the top 20 of our best MAME games list. 

Download The Last Blade ROM - Play Online

18. Super Volley '91

This list lacks sports games and in order to be listed here as a sports game means that the game indeed is exceptional and entertaining. Super Volley '91 is a volleyball game, presenting the both the Women World Cup 91 and Man World Cup 91. The player picks his country and need to play the last and deciding set of all World Cup games after the previous 4 sets finished as 2-2 tie. Based on picking the right decisions in the correct timing this game brings huge excitement in the player's mood. Start the 91 World Championship with your favorite country and gender and become the champion of the world.

Download Super Volley '91 ROM

17. Sly Spy: Secret Agent

In USA it was called Sly Spa, in Japan Secret Agent while in Europe combination of both or Sly Spy: Secret Agent is a secret agent game, based on the James Bond story/move and the 007 code. The game is based around the sudden assassination of the president of US and his wife. After a detailed research the US anti-criminal organization finds out that the CWD stands behind the murder of the first 2 people of US, so they assign Sly to fight and eliminate all the members of the criminal organization. This game is combination of multiple genres including Beat 'Em Up, Run and Gun as well as Aim And Shoot which makes the game unique and super challenging and fun.

16. The Punisher

Punisher, the Marvel hero and Nick Fury go on a mission to take the criminal organization leaded by Kingpin the gang head. After taking vital parts and money making sectors of the mafia Kingpin sees that he needs to take down the Punishers because they are making lots of troubles. The goal of the Punishers is to survive and take down Kingpin in a final battle against him. The Punisher is considered by many as the best MAME Beat 'Em Up game as result of the good gamplay, lots of item pickups and good story.

Download The Punisher ROM - Play Online

15. Bubble Bobble

The girlfriend of Bub and Bob go on mission to rescue their girlfriends that are stuck in the cave of Monsters. To get to her they need to pass through 100 sections of the cave and eliminate all the enemies on their way by blowing them into bubbles and popping the bubbles by jumping on top of them. There are various bonus items and power ups that will help them achieve their mission like speed ups, balloons blowing range and speed increases as well as an umbrella that helps them simply avoid a few rooms of the cave.

Download Bubble Bobble ROM - Play Online

14. Tumblepop


The two brothers travel through various places on the earth to take down enemies using their vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners are used as a source of weapon by sucking different kind of monsters and then popping them outside as a source of attack.

Collect the letters in order to go to the bonus level that help you achieve high-score and extra lifes.

Download Tumblepop ROM

13. Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a fighting and dueling game that features one on one battle and takes the good characteristics of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat and combines them into one better game. It takes the energy bar and combos system from the first and the finishing moves from the second game. Killer Instinct is for many considered as the best duel fighting game for MAME.

Download Killer Instinct ROM

12. Final Fight

Final Fight was the first Beat 'Em Up game that was later used as base engine for all subsequent MAME games. Having the chance to pick between totally different characters with different characteristic and attack types, various of item to pick-up and use and number of challenging bosses with loads of attacks and tactics make this game in the top 3 of her category.

Download Final Fight ROM - Play Online

11. Willow

The story rotates around the Elora Danan the holy baby in the land and the evil dark queen Bavmorda that tries to take control over the holy baby Elora. Willow Ufgood is selected by his villagers to oppose her and stop her from achieving her intentions. The mighty warrior Madmartigan joins Willow on his mission on stopping Bamorda. The game counts 6 stages with 3 of them being played as Willow, 2 of them as the Madmartigan and 1 as combination of both depending on the player choose. Finish all six missions in order to save Elora and bring the peace to his land once again.

Download Willow ROM

10. Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001

The story of Metal Slug brings us in 2028 where the evil General Morden created his army leaded by the powerful and immortal Metal Slug Tank and tries to take over the world. After all the governments try but fail to stop him Captain Marco Rossi and Lieutenant Tarma Roving team up in order to stop the evil General Morden. The team of the two needs to fight the supports of Morden till finally reaching and opposing Morden in his helicopter. On their way they need to rescue the kidnapped prisoners who gift the two soldiers with variety of weapon upgrades and score points. The allied team of two can also drive and use the Metal Slug that has powerful attack and upgraded grenades. Started in 1996 this is the first version of Metal Slug, it achieved many upgrades and follow up versions that lead up to more than 10 sequels through the years.

Download Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001 ROM - Play Online Slig1  Slug2  Slug3 

9. King of Fighters '97

After the great popularity of the previous year tournament, the rumors spread across the globe to make the King of Fighters tournament the most important fighting event in the world. As a result of this there are many candidates, so many qualifier tournaments are organized in each country in order to be decided who will be participating the last and final KOF event. In this game there is a mixture of characters from the previous two versions KOF '96 and KOF '95. The game holds the same battling system from the previous two versions with an addition of extra mode or player being able to choose between Advanced and Extra type of gameplay. In the Advanced mode players collects Power Gauge by simply attacking the opponent and doing special moves, while in the Extra mode by defending against opponent attacks. When Power Gauge is full player can cast special spells and do super attacks. King Of Fighters is by many considered as the best fighting game for MAME and it made it to the 9th position or in top 10 in our list of best MAME games. Play Online Here

8. Snow Bros.

Snow Bros. is our number one choice for the platform genre. Nick and Tom are our role snowmens who can throw snow that turn enemies into rolling balls. After the enemies are fully covered by the snow they can now longer move or attack until they shake of the snow. When turned into balls, Nick and Tom can push the enemies that roll to the bottom of the screen while bouncing from the upper platform walls to finally be eliminated from the last wall. While they roll to the bottom they will connect to each enemy on the way pulling them into the rolling ball. If all enemies are taken from the first ball then the level will grant you with extra points and bonuses. Each 10th level is a boss which requires multiple rolling snow balls in order to be slain. The enemies can also drop powerful power ups that upgrade our snowman characters.

Download Snow Bros. ROM - Play Online

7. Sunset Riders

The game brings us back in the old American Wild West, with gunslingers, outlaws and bounty hunters that try to eliminated them for a price. Including four different characters, each with his own weapon and look, variety of weapon upgrades and loads of interesting obstacles the game takes the 6th position on our top 50 arcade games list. It includes two versions (2-player and 4-player game), 3 different stage types and many moves and maneuvers. The goal is to defeat the outlaws (as bosses) at the end of the stage that are presented as bounty hunting posters at the beginning of the round. Collect the gold bags to achieve high-score and also try to do the last hit on bosses in order to take the scoring points.

Download Sunset Riders ROM - Play Online

6. Toki

Toki is a humanoid gorilla-ape, who was transformed into his current form by a magic spell cast by the evil witch doctor Vookimedlo who turned the whole island of people into animals. Disappointed, but knowing his advantages, Toki decides to go on a battle versus Vookimedlo and all his supporters in order to get him and his beautiful princess into the humanoid form once again. Luckily for Toki, he can now use his mouth to cast fire balls that harm enemies which make his battle way easier. On his way, he will find cups and other upgrades which grant him with extended fire shots as well as defensive Football helmet. Defeat the evil wizard in order to help Toki and the whole island return into their human forms.

Download Toki ROM - Play Online

5. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

In the 26th century (2513), the Black Marketeers gang attacks the dinosaur forms in order to serve their unknown purposes. Attacked by the gang, the peaceful dinosaurs suddenly become cruel and in defensive form are attacking the villagers near the City of the Sea. In order to save the dinosaurs and protect the villagers a team of four people (Mustapha, Jack, Hannah and Mess) team up to fight against the gang. Each of the playable characters has own advantages and downsides and can be selected at the beginning of the game or whenever a new coin is inserted into the arcade system. The gangsters send all his man to take down the team in order to continue their work on hunting down the animals. Using their fighting techniques and the different pick-up usable items (bombs, clubs...) the player needs to fight the clan in a beat 'em up type of battle. At the end of each stage there is a powerful boss that also needs to be taken down.

Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs ROM - Play Online

4. Midnight Wanderers (Three Wonders)

Three Wonders is 3 mini-games selective arcade game where we favor the first on the list called Midnight Wanderers: Quest for the Chariot(Roosters: Chariot no Sagashite in Japan). We favor Midnight Wanderers because of the exceptional video graphics as an arcade game, the cools story and the entertaining gameplay. The story of the game rotates around Lou and Siva who go on an adventurous journey to save their friend Sena who was turned into a statue by the Gaia. They need to pass through many adventures and challenges in order to find the magical chariot that will return their friend back into a humanoid form. Play Online

3. Street Hop

Street Hop is a street basket challenge presenting a match of 3 versus 3 players. The player can select his team country out of the 10 countries presented each having his own advantages and disadvantages. With 3 point shoots, dunks, blocks, steals and the super shot Street Hop made it into the top 3 games on our MAME32 and MAME64 best games list. The game can be especially challenging and fun when played versus a friend or family members.

2. Contra

Contra is exceptional Rambo like game that brings is in the 2633 year where an evil organization creates a base into a jungle near New Zeland. Two soldiers from the Contra unit are sent into the jungle to destroy the Red Falcon Organization and stop them in achieving their intentions. The guerilla special force will start the mission in the jungle to search and take down the head of the organization to later find out that they are actually being leaded and guided by an alien form. With loads of different weapons, variety of moves and maneuvers, loads of enemies and bosses Contra finds her place as the number two game for MAME in our list. Defeat the aliens to destroy the organization and save the world from the invasion.

Download Contra ROM - Play Online

1. Wonder Boy

The caveman Tom Tom or also known as Wonder Boy is a skating primitive guy who goes on an adventure to save his girlfriend Tina from the evil dark king who captured her. Wonderboy is armed with unlimited stone-like throwing knifes that can be used to deny enemies and open upgrade eggs which grant him with a skateboard, or an angel bless that make him immortal for a short period of time. But be careful the egg can also contain negative effect items which can make Tom poison and lose vitality and even whole life. Run through the adventurous 7 stages and save his girlfriend Tina.

Play Online Boy1  Boy2 (Monster Land)

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